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, peru... el servicio de alguaciles de estados unidos tomo en custodia johnny d. guillen pimentel, de 41 anos y lo traslado a faifax el pasado 17 de diciembre... pimentel, es acusado de ocho cargos por agresion maliciosa, y uno por falsificacion de documentos publicos.. la policia identifico a pimentel como el hombre que corto con navajas los gluteos de varias mujeres en centros comerciales de virginia durante el verano...sie columbia, escuche esto... aumento la velocidad limite en cuatro calles y avenidas.. el alcalde vincent gray ordeno un reglamento de emergencia que permite dicho incremento.. el departamento de transporte de la capital determino que la nueva velocidad no pone en riesgo la seguridad... la velocidad amentara en las avenidas nueva york desde bladensburg hacia maryland, asi mismo, la via contraria, de maryland hacia washington. la velocidad tambien aumento en la calle bladensburg entre mt. olivet y la 17 y canal road desde chain bridge a fox road. .. republicanos y democratas estan mucho mas cerca, pero aun no llegan a un acuerdo sobre el presupuesto fiscal y los benefic
olague and commissioner pimentel. this is a joint committee so i will pass on the mic on our chair from the public utilities commission. >> yes, art torres member of puc and other members. thank you very much for being here. we make a very legionary and strong quorum on this rainy day. >> okay. >> and of course our general manager is here as well, har an kelly and the staff of the puc. >> thank you. i want to thank sfgtv for their work broadcasting this meeting, and madam clerk if you could chair with us your announcements. >> please make sure to silence all electronic devices. speaker cards and any documents should be submitted to the clerk. >> okay. do you want to call the roll? you call the roll on puc. >> yes. >> president torres. >> here. >> commissioner. >> here. >> commissioner moran commissioner caen and cortni are both excused from today's meeting. >> okay. that serves as items one and two. let's call our hird item. >> third item opening remarks and expectations for the joint meeting. >> okay. actually let's just call -- let's just call items four and five along with th
. >> thank you. we have a couple of the people on the rooster who would like to speak. commissioner pimentel. >> do you know how the focus groups will be assembled and if they will have a diverse group of individuals throughout san francisco, and also in terms of the presentation do you have a break down of the presentation throughout san francisco in terms of districts? >> i'm sorry. i couldn't hear the last part. >> you want to speak right into the mic. >> in terms of the focus group how will you find the individuals for the focus group and will they have a diverse of individuals throughout san francisco and in terms of the presentation and distribution do you have a general idea of the break down throughout districts? >> so on the focus group formation we will rely heavily on our contractor to identify individuals, but we are looking for a diverse and representative focus group. in terms of the break down -- no, our focus is on those areas of the city that as the chart shows are in the deep green sectors and so those are the areas we will be focusing on. we do have detail numbers behin
, commissioner schmeltzer. >> here. >> commissioner mar. >> commissioner pimentel absent. chairperson campos. >> present. >> mr. chair, there is a quorum. item two approval from the minutes from the regular meeting and november 30 joint meeting with the san francisco public utilities commission. >> great. before we take action on this item i would like to open it up for public comment. if there is any member of the public that would like to speak on item number two please come forward. seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues this is an action item. can we have a motion to approve the minutes? we have a motion for commissioner schmeltzer. second by commissioner olague. if we can take that without objection. madam clerk you can call item three. >> item three is review of the renewable energy task force. >> we will have fried. >> i'm going to turn it over to danielle and give a presentation of the report and we are available for questions after that. >> great. thank you. >> thanks jason. i will return through this fairly quickly, especially the background which you are all fami
a call. >>> he's now jailed in fairfax county. here he is. johnny pimentel is suspected of slashing more than ten women. investigators say he would stab women in their rear ends as they were shopping in stores across northern virginia. the charges include malicious wounding. >>> we are following a news alert from washington. an independent panel investigating the attack on the u.s. cons land in libya says the state department is to blame. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in the september 11th attack. there were system attic failures at the state department no one ignored or violated their duties and the board did not recommend discipline. however the panel did recommendation changes to improve embassy security. >>> tonight the u.s. is less than two weeks from the fiscal cliff and both sides are talking, there's still no deal. leaders in washington are trying to come up with a back up plan to avoid a financial fallout on new year's. tom fitzgerald has the latest. >> reporter: with just 13 days left until the fiscal cliff hits, democrats and republicans are trying to o
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)